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Apple's slick Mac and iOS browser for PC

Safari is a web browser that is known for its simplistic and minimalistic interface. Users of Safari can enjoy fast and uninterrupted internet browsing, making it a suitable competition to other popular browsers like Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.

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  • M. Rahman

    by M. Rahman

    reach app reach think teach privacy, so helpful just my dream browser

  • walker 666

    by walker 666

    umm...ok,idk what should i say so,i think its ok but im not really into it.

  • Technical dost

    by Technical dost

    good . very nice post i am happy to read . hello sir , thanks for writing this article . this is very useful article for me . news

  • Sirinart Khongyadee

    by Sirinart Khongyadee

    i wound like to try change to better way only i can is only you that want to change too

  • Snaks International

    by Snaks International

    i love that browser on my iphone x and it is a great browser i love browsing on safari because it is faster smarter and safer

  • Anonymous

    by Anonymous

    Safari seems to bestable and I would recommend it for security reasons

  • Steven Waller

    by Steven Waller

    Fast and reliable browser. I've been using it for a long time. I downloaded the browser on this site: Here you will find a lot of useful software. The site is very convenient and informative.

  • Margarite Benson

    by Margarite Benson

    Awesome :). It is a great website for my PC but since I have an iPhone, now I can set it up on my cell and play games while sitting. in lobbies for Doctors Appointments :)

  • by Anonymous

    i love using safri as a broswer it very easy to use and also fast . Very easy to brows and fast as well and i love to use it as my future broswer

  • Surjit Mansingh

    by Surjit Mansingh

    Poor.. It takes much too long to download and then does not work. The earlier version was reliable, this one is not. Cons: loading

  • navkar jain

    by navkar jain

    great. features are good best photography useful in all feilds clear pictures

  • navkar jain

    by navkar jain

    great. good features, creativity , natural pictures useful for all feilds. Pros: photography. Cons: vectors open file

  • by Anonymous

    safari is a very good browser in the word . hi everyone my name is tuna i like safari very well so that is why am choose safari browser as the best of the best in the all over the worlds. Cons: is need to build safari with free vpn

  • irish hope iwata

    by irish hope iwata

    Needed to how to use! Safari for the Tfctv. Safari is the useful from seen tv program.can you give instruction about may c0lage. Pros: I want to download Safari in my tablet. Cons: Safari

  • by Anonymous

    Didn't like it.. I didn't like this browser. It was clumsy and awkward to use.

  • by Anonymous

    I would not recommend anyone to try and use Safari if it takes an hour and . I installed Safari because I had issues with Chrome and Windows 7. After setting up Safari I see a note that this version is no longer supported. Since then I have been trying to download the "latest" version. But THERE IS NO BLOODY BUTTON TO DOWNLOAD IT FROM! I am just about over Safari. Your pages are More

  • by Anonymous

    Light and compability. easy to use and light. Light can be used on Single core PC easily with at least 512mb Ram ..

  • by Anonymous

    Malware or Viruses. Hitman Pro detected the installer as Malware and also it came with 3 traces of malware!!!! Pros: Nothing. Cons: Remove Malware!

  • by Anonymous

    Cool. It was cool to use!Better than Internet Explorer! Thanks so much!

  • by Anonymous

    It makes me very happy. Because it is very fast interneting and the Malaysian people will be not be angry in the future. Pros: The fastest internet. Cons: Nothing

  • by Anonymous

    Google website is better. Old Safari is better & easy to find for website such as Home or News or entertainment.

  • by Anonymous

    It is a compatible and useful.. Safari is very good it is very complex in many ways and can be downloaded for free on both macs and windows!!!

  • by Anonymous

    the fastest . the best browser .. I`ve used it on my last laptop. I have never been disappointed . it`s been irreplaceable . Mona.

  • by Anonymous

    Safari is not the best browser. One of the slowest browsers on my iPad. Frequently refuses to open web sites with the message that cannot reach the server whereas Chrome and Puffin do not have this problem and as for Apple's petty exclusion of Flash , the IPad is far from what it is cracked up to be. Pros: Nothing. Cons: Access to all web sites. Flash player access

  • by Anonymous

    Justify.. Good. It works, stable, but cannot catch up with other browsers for PC. Best for Macintosh computers. Pros: -Working. Cons: -Less features -Slow -No Safari 6 for Windows

  • by Anonymous

    Safari 5.1.1 for Windows doesn't Work!. Having used the Safari browser in a Mac computer at a past job - I know the feel & ease of use of Safari. Since I use a PC - I was naturally happy to learn that Safari had supposedly developed a PC's Windows version of the famed Mac browser. I was, however, completely disappointed in Safari's Windows version - due to the fact that it doesn't work at all More

  • by Anonymous

    Not a typical browser to use.. Safari lacks plug-ins, the use of themes, blocking cookies from optional sites, less privacy settings, and it is so slow. There are not very many plug-ins (most of them are useful by the way). You can't block tracking cookies, and the user interface is too basic (since there is no themes). It takes a while to load certain pages unless you use the AdBlock plug-in for More

  • by Anonymous

    Nice browser. I have been using Safari's PC version since 2008. its a good, fast and stable browser. However, the basic appearance is not that lookrative, but what I like in this browser is the simplicity. One more thing is very appealing - the way it renders the fonts!

  • by Anonymous

    Apple's Attempt To Join The Browser Wars. I have updated my ratings to factor in 5 things. Out of the box, Security, Customization, Add-ons and Appearance. The reason I chose these factors is because these are what cater to the average user. The average user isn't going to notice the speed difference nor are they going to care about web standards. They just want a browser that works for their needMore

  • by Anonymous

    It's Amazing. I'm using this browser since like 4 months and goes perfectly , is really fast, secure and it's design is very good . i really recomend this program. say goodbye to internet explorer , opera (my old browser), google chrome and many more. this one is perfect :) Pros: Fast Secure Doesn't Have much erros or bugs Stable. Cons: i think no cons