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"Safari 5.1.1 for Windows doesn't Work!"

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Having used the Safari browser in a Mac computer at a past job - I know the feel & ease of use of Safari. Since I use a PC - I was naturally happy to learn that Safari had supposedly developed a PC's Windows version of the famed Mac browser. I was, however, completely disappointed in Safari's Windows version - due to the fact that it doesn't work at all & what's more it locked up my computer so that I had to mannually shut it down just to unlock my computer from Safari. Given the fact that Safari was developed for the Mac OS in which works exceedlingly well - it is a poor & non-working browser in the Windows OS.

  • In the Mac / Apple OS environment - Safari is undeniably an unbeatable browser
  • In the Windows OS environment - Safari doesn't work at all, or is so incredibly slow that it locks up the computer

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16 Jan 2012

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