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How to clear Safari Cache in 4 Easy Steps



What is your Safari cache, and why should you clear it? The cache is stored data on your computer, phone, or iPad. After visiting a webpage, Safari keeps a copy on your computer. That way, if you revisit the webpage, Safari can load it faster.

The more data your computer stores, the slower your browsing will become. By clearing the cache, you will speed up your browser. You can also clear your history and clear your cookies.

Clear your PC cache without clearing history

Below are four simple steps to clear your cache on your PC and your iPhone or iPad.

Step1: Preferences

In your Safari browser, go to the Safari menu and click on ‘Preferences.’

Step 2: Advanced settings

In the pop-up menu, click on ‘Advanced.’

Step 3: Development menu

Check the box for ‘Show development in the menu bar.’ This’ll add a new menu item.

Step 4: Empty the cache

In the menu, click on ‘Develop’ and then on ‘Empty cache.’

Clear your iPad or iPhone cache:

Here’s how to clear the cache completely on your mobile device.

Step 1: Select settings

On the home screen, click ‘Settings.’

Step 2: Choose Safari

Now click on ‘Safari.’

Step 3: Clear cookies

At the bottom of this menu, click on ‘Clear history and website data.’

Step 4: Confirm changes

Finally, confirm the changes when prompted.

You’ve cleared your cache; now what?

Now that your cache is cleared, you should be able to browse much faster. Try clearing your cache now, and see the results for yourself.

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